Denef Huvaj

Denef Huvaj

Denef Huvaj

Denef Huvaj

Denef Huvaj is a photographer from İstanbul. She studied fine arts and engineering in Russia. She worked as an art director for a period od İz Magazine whose editör was Ara Güler. Her photographs were exhibited in many galleries and photos in Turkey and Russia. She has been working on documentary photography in Turkey, North Caucasus and Abkhazia for last 10 years.

When bodies turn into places

Our bodies are like a huge city with the traces of all deprivations. Those we chase after. Those we believe. Those we dont believe. Those we hoard, we extirpate. Our old ones, our broken ones. Those what we renew.

Who forced us to leave our own body? How did everything that happened otside of us become us? How have governments and identity politics sneaked into us? How our child voiced forests turned into stuffy houses ? Where did all those houses fit?

Lights of anouther house up in me every evening. The same whisper sound. The same music. The same moonlight just showed in my garden. I turned of all the lights, to get rid of that eye watches through the huge hole called the moon.

Doesn't the sound of the earth's own weight turn from a mechanical noise to a physical weight when everything is silent?

Does not the world speak like a gear that is crushed under the ground

I'm like in loud dreams. I am like in dreams where the voice stands with all its might under the moonbeam and beats an iron word. I'm like in dreams, the night is pulsing All the trees are restless.

Why other houses are in the dark? Why is the moonlight just watching me? What was my favorite thing to touch? Will we fit into these narrow roads? Will we expand further? Will we grow by flooding the mountains and the seas like a huge organism that breathes and stirs? Will our bodies be the crunching joints of an insatiable monster? Salivating teeth, crooked hands, eating and feeding, again vomits us. Will we infiltrate like toxic waste into all veins of nature?

Are we going to accept all this?

Maybe we live in the revenge of a creature that was squeezed into the corner and killed in its forcible pit. We did not kill. We did not kill. Expanding was not our enthusiasm. The sins we paid, not ours. Those huge chimneys do not smoke from us. We are not limitless exploiters. We did not enter the house of wild nature. We did not establish animal markets. This nightmare is not ours. We did not make these rules. We will not accept. We will make breaches. Breaches…

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